A beating heart is the symbol of life. And we at Town hospital appreciate life and the quality of life. And this is the base philosophy for Town’s cardiology department. That philosophy translates into giving you the healthy heart you deserve across all the life stages. Our cardiology consultants will Help you to have a healthy and passionate heart towards life.
Here are some examples of the services and treatment programs we provide in our cardiologist clinic:

دكتور قلب وصدر واوعية دموية في التجمع الخامس
  • Cardiothoracic surgery.
  • Comprehensive Cardiovascular Evaluations.
  • Heart Disease Diagnostics.
  • Heart Monitors and EKGs.
  • Heart Valve Disorders.
  • Hypertension Treatment.
  • Vascular Diseases.
  • ISCHAEMIC heart diseases.
  • Coronary interventions.
  • Valvular interventions.
  • Peripheral interventions.
  • Structural heart diseases.

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