ENT Clinic

Your Ear, Nose, and Throat conditions are conditions with instant effect that you will experience almost immediately. And that is why catering for the condition should be of equal fast response.
At Town ENT clinic in New Cairo we strive for swift care removing any pain point as fast as possible. We are happy to help you if you are affected by any of the below conditions:


  • Ear infections.
  • Ear Ringing and Noises.
  • Microscopic Ear Surgery.
  • Objects Removal.
  • Perforated Eardrum.


  • Allergy Test.
  • Allergy Treatment.
  • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.
  • Nasal Endoscope.


  • Enlarged Salivary Glands.
  • Head, Throat, Nose, Mouth, and Larynx Tumors Removal.
  • Throat Lumps and Abnormalities.
  • Thyroid Glands Disorders Treatment.

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