Our Dream

The Story

Town hospital started with a dream of a young man born in Upper Egypt in 1947. This child dreamt of changing the world.

This dream materialized bit by bit, first by graduating and becoming a doctor in 1973. Initiating his medical career path, an idea was born in 1992, the first specialized Neurosurgery Center in Egypt and Africa was established. Ascending through his career path, introducing the latest technologies in the medical fields, and pioneered techniques, the capacity of that dream was magnified. Putting the first brick in Town hospital in 2002. Without this man, there would have been no story to tell and no path to walk.

The mastermind behind it all,

Professor Dr. Osama El Ghannam, Town’s Chairman.

Town hospital born in 1973, established 2022, and expanding to the horizons of the future…


Leaving a footprint in Egypt’s healthcare industry for decades to come with our revolutionary spirit and unified mindset of providing brilliant patient care, ultimately transforming the healthcare industry in the Mena region.


Adopting a patient-centric philosophy that is reflected in every strategy and decision we take, ensuring the introduction of unparalleled medical technology and unmatched quality of service.

Our Values

Patient centricity

We always have the patients’ well-being at our hearts and minds.


We are always determined to offer the patients the best care.


We rise again through hardships and difficulties to deliver on mission and vision.


With this passion, we can pursue our objectives with our dream in mind.

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