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Brilliance of Medical
Architectural Design

Town Hospital medical architecture is developed to perfectly reflect your needs and smooth in-hospital journey. The building is designed in a brilliant architectural manner to avoid unnecessary crossovers between departments and making every related department close to each other.

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For example, we have all the non-overnight services allocated in one floor to save your time and energy and guarantee ease of the journey logistics inside the hospital. While the non-critical overnight services are all situated on one floor as well to have the patients’ secluded and maintaining their outmost privacy.

Also, the critical overnight services are placed on a separate floor, with restricted entry to critical areas as it required digital ID pass or permission to achieve maximum organization and control.

Our objectives are minimizing unnecessary traffic and noise in critical areas. Creating an ambiance of quietness and peace for the patients. Ultimately lowering the possibility of any infection with minimized traffic. In addition to painting our walls with anti-bacterial substances along with installing aluminum doors helping with infection control measures, maximizing all our efforts to ensure the patients’ safety.

Smooth Patient

Continuing the line of thought of the brilliance of design. The smoothness of your journey was thought of. Having the emergency unit three steps away from the radiology department to crunch the care process time in these critical circumstances.

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While having the physiotherapy unit right next to the overnight stay emphasizing on the goal of minimized traffic throughout the hospital resulting in a relaxed and calm ambiance. Having all the critical areas situated within minutes away from each other smooths our care continuity.

Patient ID

A Town patient ID is of an equal importance compared to the national ID. Where all your interactions and medical history are stored in the smart ID. All you have to do is to present this card upon arrival with no further information needed and we will process the rest.

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Town Hospital’s smart operational system generates a unique Patient ID that does not change forever.

Electronic Medical

Building on smooth, speedy and accurate care platform, we store your medical information in our databases from the minute you arrive at the premise. Establishing an instant and quick rapport, aiming to be your friendly neighborhood hospital knowing your wants and needs from the get-go.

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With the ability to download all the medical history from the first consultation to the operation video if need be. Saving your time and energy.

Paperless Process with
Minimal Human Interaction

Towners believe in smart solutions to avoid common obstacles such as misplacing your prescription or images that you have done in your last visit. Thus, we aim minimize document handling at every touchpoint commencing with having an electronic screen which you can process all

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your needs through with no human interference until you reach your doctor. Also, the Towner mentality of an environment friendly approach goes hand in hand with this goal.

Online Result

Thinking about how to make your life easier, we designed a patient portal for your easy use with a friendly interface that is manageable to navigate through to receive all the imaging results and lab results at the tip of your finger no matter where you are located.

Online Payment

If you do not prefer to hold cash on you, we provided an online payment gateway that is designed to help you complete transactions before arriving at the hospital. And of course we still do have the cash option for your preferred choice.

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