Patient Care


Minimally invasive procedures are the future of medical technology as they are relatively safer, shorter in time and less expensive.


The start of any effective medical treatment plan is the correct and timely diagnosis. The diagnosis takes place in the clinic, so the importance

Day Care

Although we love having you over in Town, we want you to have a short and crisp stay with us along with having the medical objectives.


In Town we appreciate the criticality of an emergency and we know the factors of success in the ER are excellent trained staff.


Town’s ICU/CCU strikes the perfect balance between close monitoring and your privacy.


A newborn is one of the most cherished moments in life and is always engraved in our memory.


In alignment of Town’s vision of creating a fast turnaround process and visit.

Operation Theatres

Highlighting the key success factors of an operation: cleanliness, readiness and execution.

Overnight Rooms

A calm atmosphere is a key factor in the success of your medical journey, and that is why in Town


For your comfort and ease and our philosophy of interconnectedness,


After injury movement or after an operation movement are crucial to the continuity of success of recovery.


A well rounded, accurate and timely diagnosis is only possible while having a massive radiology department.

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