A beating heart is the symbol of life. And we at Town hospital appreciate life and the quality of life. And this is the base philosophy


Whether you have excruciating pain, or you want to have a smile makeover. We at Town Hospital are passionate to cater


Your Ear, Nose, and Throat conditions are conditions with instant effect that you will experience almost immediately. And that is

Gneral Surgery

Surgery is an art that consists of knowledge, experience, and innovation. At Town Hospital we integrate these concepts on daily


Spearheading our neurosurgery department is Prof. Dr. Osama El Ghannam bringing his vast medical experience.

Obs & Gyn

In Town’s obstetrics and gynecology department we like to consider ourselves one of the essential companions in this journey for


The treatment plans for oncology might vary in timespans and in intensities, we fully understand what you might be experiencing


Humans can withstand a great deal of pain and that is why we tend to wait for quite some time to attend to orthopedic needs.


Children are always light-hearted by nature, having an incredibly positive attitude towards life. And here in Town we believe in

Plastic Surgery

“Comfortable in your own skin” that is the premise we thought of while establishing Town’s plastic surgery department.


To diminish the level of anxieties that you might experience waiting for a medical test result, and to complement the accuracy of

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Intricate minute details, procedures, pathways and decisions that is the best description of the cardiothoracic surgery as a specialty.


Gastroenterology is well known for its wide spectrum of symptoms and presentations. And is very much interrelated across different

Internal Medicine

The mystery solvers, that is what we like to call our medical internal medicine team. As this area in medicine resolutions might not be as

Vascular Surgery

The essence of life is carried through the veins and arteries in our bodies. And to protect these infinite pathways that carry this

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